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  1. OPINION: Swamp pink lilies a New Jersey specialty
  2. U.S. Forest Service

Swamp Pink Helonias bullata , characterized by a bright pink flower cluster that blooms in early spring, is one of the most unique and beautiful wildflowers in the Eastern United States.

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Swamp Pink is in the lily family, although there are no other lilies quite like it. A species designated as threatened is likely to be in danger of extinction in the foreseeable future.


OPINION: Swamp pink lilies a New Jersey specialty

The 11 blooms they counted at the municipally-owned tract of land owe their own lives to an 8-foot tall fence protecting the nearly two acre pocket of land from the plant's biggest predator -- deer. Between securing funding, permits and finding a contractor who could handle the unique demands of constructing a fence along steep inclines, deep in the swampy forest -- a Lancaster-based Amish craftsman with the right experience and best price was eventually tapped to complete the job -- the project took more than two and a half years from start to finish, said Eric Schrading of the U.

Swamp Pink

In fact, Hogan said that just 20 years ago, the swampy area protected by the deer fence in Washington Township once supported a sea of pink blooms every spring. The federal protection afforded to the swamp pink, in light of the population decline, also means it's a name developers and real estate agents dread to hear.

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He's also been working on efforts to protect the species where it's found elsewhere throughout South Jersey, including building large wire cages around the plants when deer fences aren't feasible or affordable and getting the word out to local neighbors surrounding the protected area. On top of just saving the swamp pink that's surviving now, Hogan is also hopeful that they can boost the population in coming years. Helonias is relatively abundant on Fort A.

Hill, compared to many other known sites, but it is unknown whether this abundance is related to fire frequency. Like many lands used for military training, Fort A. Hill employs frequent prescribed burns to reduce wildfire danger.

U.S. Forest Service

We are conducting a study, funded by Fort A. Hill, to determine how different types of burns affect Helonias growth, reproduction, and habitat. Fires rarely penetrate the wetlands where Helonias grows, because they remain wet year-round.

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