The Survival Principle

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  1. #Social Survival Manifesto Principle No. 6: Admit That You Don't Have All the Answers
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  3. Time Relation Distortion on the Survival Principle
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Recently, there has been a rising interest in developing methods to better exploit the information about the truncation time, thus the sampling weight function, to obtain more efficient estimation.

#Social Survival Manifesto Principle No. 6: Admit That You Don't Have All the Answers

Our framework is structured in a way that is easy to understand and enjoys a great flexibility for handling different types of models. Moreover, a new test for checking the independence between the underlying truncation time and survival time is derived along the same line.

Simulation studies with practical sample sizes are conducted to compare the performance of the proposed method with its competitors. The proposed methodologies are applied to a dementia study and a nursing house study for illustration. Source Statist.

Survival of the fittest - Wikipedia

Zentralblatt MATH identifier Read more about accessing full-text Buy article. And I ask my readers to remember that nature doesn't waste anything — if a behavior appears and successfully competes, it must have survival value. Intriguingly, even in the virtual worlds inside computers, in organized competitions between survival strategies designed by game theorists, a very simple game plan called "benevolent tit-for-tat," a model for successful biological symbiosis, turns out to prevail over much more complex game plans.

The premise of this article is that plants and animals practice what I call the Symmetry Principle, not because of an abstract philosophical position, but because it maximizes their survival fitness. And, contrary to what psychologists appear to believe, it requires a peculiar mental twistedness to want to avoid interactions based on symmetry.

In other words, it is people who avoid the practice of symmetry who possess "specific cognitive machinery," and they would do well to seek treatment for clinical narcissism. Contrary to first impressions, symmetry doesn't favor a particular political outlook. But to an equal degree it favors a conservative political outlook, because symmetry, like natural selection, is a bottom-up game plan — it works at the lowest imaginable level even of single-celled creatures and doesn't require any sophisticated cognitive machinery, higher reasoning powers or centralized authority.

Indeed, it can be argued that modern government like modern religion contradicts the Symmetry Principle by not conferring any advantage to the flock. The psychologist quoted above appears to believe reciprocal altruism symmetry using different words can only arise among thinking creatures by way of bargaining and explicit mutual consent, between creatures possessed of sophisticated reasoning abilities. The argument he offers for this theory is that symmetry is only rarely seen among animals, those poor lower creatures unable to shake their fists and argue.

Time Relation Distortion on the Survival Principle

Second, all a psychologist would need to do is sit down in a grassy field on a summer day — or, equally effective, study biology — to discover how common symmetry actually is in nature the reason they don't do this is because, for reasons explained here , psychologists aren't scientists.

Symmetry is common in nature because it works.

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Although symmetry doesn't support any particular political viewpoint, it does contradict the religious argument that acts of self-sacrifice stand as evidence for a supreme being. Occam's razor the idea that the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one suggests that acts of apparent self-sacrifice or pure altruism are the first move in a negotiation between parties, and the other parties are expected to reciprocate.

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Because someone will surely argue that the case of a person killed while trying to save a stranger contradicts an expectation of reciprocity, I will reply that symmetry, like natural selection, works only in a broad statistical sense, even as it fails in many individual cases. Because of the peculiar and counterintuitive mathematics of natural selection, a tiny fitness advantage can in time become a trait shared by an entire species.

Consider the example of the "bait ball," a close-packed school of fish. The bait ball is visible in the water for quite a distance, and this can only attract the attention of predators. Where is the survival advantage?

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Well, as it turns out, even though most of the fish may be eaten in a big attack by multiple predators, the strategy is superior to widely scattered fish swimming alone. For the performance of all these operations, every creature has its appropriate organs and instincts—external apparatus and internal faculties; and the health and happiness of each being, are bound up with the perfection and activity of these powers.

They, in their turn, are dependent upon the position in which the creature is placed. Surround it with circumstances which preclude the necessity for any one of its faculties, and that faculty will become gradually impaired. Nature provides nothing in vain. Instincts and organs are only preserved so long as they are required. Place a tribe of animals in a situation where one of their attributes is unnecessary—take away its natural exercise—diminish its activity, and you will gradually destroy its power. Successive generations will see the faculty, or instinct, or whatever it may be, become gradually weaker, and an ultimate degeneracy of the race will inevitably ensue.

If … species and genera and orders have arisen by evolution, then, as Mr. Darwin shows … [d]isappearance of intermediate forms, less fitted for special spheres of existence … [is] an inference which is in harmony with what we know respecting races of men and … animals. Spencer, Herbert.