A Sorte Grande (Portuguese Edition)

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Better to keep the naming conventions the same. The same problem exists in German and Spanish.

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I think they should stay true to the accepted English meaning. I made a couple of changes and will probably do more.

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I hope no one has a problem with it, afterall this is supposed to be as accurate as possible. The page mixes proverbs and idioms idiomatic expressions. Telling them apart is possible but is a task, especially because everybody will have his own personal list of proverbs, etc.

Ivete Sangallo Portugal Maria Lisboa ( Sorte Grande Poeira e Não quero dinheiro.) - elijipuribik.ga

A few other are the result of modern foreign mediatic penetration and have very little value as folk wisdom. I'm making a major addition, based upon all the proverbs I heard or used during my lifetime so far , which I have been collecting here. Let's say I'm a first hand hearwitness. This will, obviously, takes some time. Thanks for all the others I didn't know; a few look indeed genuine and are quite witty. I think that the correct translation of "papo" in english is "crop" or something It's that bird's thing. That wiggly thing where the hen keeps her consumed food.

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The above isn't signed. Well, yes, that's it according to Webster's, thanks. The page got heavy I'm not experienced with breaking a page and keeping things working, like categories etc. Could someone experienced do it? I could try, but I don't want to mess up. Most of the proverbs are in fact used in Portugal but not all e. I think this page should be called Proverbs in Portuguese because there are also proverbs that are just plain translations present.

On the other hand some "proverbs" like "Solta a Franga" are just expressions and not proverbs. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. The Croatian name given is not official. Check translation.

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Duel winner. Hidden categories: Card pages with an unofficial Croatian name Cards with a Korean release needing a Korean lore. Jackpot 7 Check translation. Jackpot-7 Check translation.